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Fuel Management & Analysis

Fuel Management & Analysis

Fuel Management & Analysis

The management and employees of the transport companies, who have been in the business for quite some time by now, are probably well familiar with the current situation. We have already witnessed something similar in 2014-2015 as well as in 2008-2009. Every crisis proves that the GPS monitoring systems are a must in the transportation industry.

On average, the costs related to fuel consumption constitute up to 30-35% of the operating costs of any fleet. In case of a haulage or road-construction company, this number can reach 45-50% mark. Fuel consumption has a direct influence on how profitable a business is. For the latter to work efficiently, the reduction of costs and a comprehensive monitoring effort based on a tight control over the use of fuel are obligatory.

How do capacitive fuel level sensors work?

Vehicle Fuel Management (Sensor Based)

The capacitive FLS is installed inside the vehicle’s tanks to keep track of any fuel level changes. In terms of data accuracy, the FLS are up to 97-99% of precision.

Just like with any other sensors mentioned above, the FLS needs to be connected to a GPS tracker so that its data could get to the monitoring platform. If the fuel level in the tank changes, you can then see when and where this happened on the monitoring platform.

Along with accurate fuel level data, the capacitive sensors help you:

  • Keep the record of refueling and drains
  • Track any false refueling or “under-refueling”
  • Find out about any minute drains
  • Permanent measurement of the fuel level in tanks
  • Prevents fraud, draining and unauthorized use of fuel
  • Detect fueling in unauthorized gas stations
  • Fuel Decanting is caught immediately due to detailed fuel reporting features



With the foreseeable requisite of generators and Genset on various sites, it has become difficult to monitor and manage all of them. NLCSS provides a customized industrial grade solution of remote GENSET monitoring System through which you can monitor various activities and ongoing events at Gen-Set sites, even if they are in the smallest village/town.

This will help you save money, which in turn will increase the efficiency of your business and save time. You don’t have to be physically present at the site or call the staff in charge in order to fix the problem. Now, you can be aware of exactly what issue the GenSet is facing, whether it is the switch, mechanical fault etc.