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RFID based Authorization

RFID based Authorization


NLCSS offers its clients with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Driver identification system which is a tool that will help you manage drivers and make them accountable. An RFID system is a reader that captures RFID tags or smart labels embedded in a smart card and transmits via radio waves to a server location.

RFID can also be effectively deployed for worker attendance management system or staff attendance system. RFID cards-based attendance report can be generated that will show pick up and drop off location and alerts can be set should any exception is detected


An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader is placed in a vehicle and a designated driver is issued with an ID smart card containing their details. The RFID is connected to a car tracking device tasked with relaying information to a central command system or server. Once the driver inserts his/her card in the RFID reader, the car is unlocked and they are able to drive it. That information is also stored for future references.


NLCSS RFID driver identification solution promotes driver supervision and accountability. Whereby:

  • Only assigned Drivers with RFID cards can drive assigned vehicles.
  • The stored data can monitor what time the driver reports and leaves work.
  • Optionally, once the driver utilizes the card, you can receive an alert.
  • In the event of an unauthorized person tries to ignite vehicle with RFID installed, an alert will be generated in real time to update you about this incident.
  • RFID with DMS will assure that unauthorized person can’t use your vehicle apart from the assigned drivers.
  • Certain shifts of Drivers can also be managed using the RFID solution.
  • No of Per Vehicle Drivers supported in the device is 500.


In the event that an unauthorized person tries to start your vehicle, you can get an SMS notification real time to update you. The service will leave you to rest assured that no one else can use your vehicle apart from the assigned drivers.