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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Cold Chain Carriers

Thermal Sensors are positively impacting the supply chain, more specifically, the cold chain. Compared to traditional temperature monitoring, which has serious verification and reliability flaws, wired enabled
temperature monitors can monitor goods 24/7/365. Our sensors enable the ongoing monitoring and fast alerts that ensures perfect transportation.

  • Automatic alerts
  • Notifications for change in temperature
  • Reports
  • Temperature tracking
  • Customized indicators
  • Over-time temperature data
  • Reliable analytics
  • User-friendliness
  • Responds to incidents

Plant Sites

People, machinery, and products are best if they’re kept within a certain temperature range. Too much heat is especially a concern for equipment and perishables. That’s why ambient temperature monitoring should be high on an industrial plant’s to-do list.

When people get too hot, they can simply turn up the air conditioning or head to a cooler place. Stationary, inanimate objects can’t do that. Computers, machinery, control systems, raw materials, finished products – all these and more, whether they’re outdoors or indoors, depend on their environment to be kept within a specific temperature range.

In industrial facilities, ambient temperature monitoring is necessary to prevent an array of suboptimal conditions and dangers.

Petrochemical and refining facilities: overheating of the control hardware

High voltage power equipment: failures and fires in circuit breakers, thyristors, and junction boxes

Water and wastewater treatment plants: overheating of variable frequency drivers (VFDs) in pumps

Food & beverage and pharmaceuticals: deterioration of raw ingredients and finished products