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Terminal Operating System (TOS)

Terminal Operating System (TOS)

TOS Unified Platform

A robust terminal operating platform for real-time process and business activity management of ports and terminals of any kind: marine and inland container, multi-purpose, bulk and Ro-Ro. The system’s modular structure allows to carefully select desired functionality and SOA architecture - to easily integrate the solution with multiple 3rd party software and hardware

1.    TOS General Cargo
2.    TOS Maritime Container Terminal
3.    TOS for inland Container terminal
4.    VBS
5.    TOS Ro-Ro
6.    VGM
7.    Gate Management
8.    Vehicle Booking System

CTMS Real-Time Control

Solvo.CTMS supports real-time operations management and CHE control; minimizes unproductive moves (shifts); allows putaway zone planning and much more.


The gate management and truck processing system for a terminal or port. It saves time to find a truck at the terminal and reduce the number of rehandles during loading/unloading. It can work as a standalone module or be integrated with our TOS.


Billing is used to calculate the cost for secure storage services provided to stevedoring companies and logistics operators, maintain contracts and formalize authorizations for service reports.


The KPI module provides static and dynamic data related to operations at the port, terminal and warehouses in graphical form and real-time