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Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

Cogent Facial Recognition Platform

Cogent’s Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS)

  • FRP Watch
  • FRP Verify
  • FRP Face Module
  • FRP Check
  • FRP Search & Search Expert
  • FRP SDK’s
  • Smart Education (Steam)

Cogent’s Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS)

Cogent’s Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS) is a scalable and customizable Platform allowing you to perform processing, editing, searching, and storing of fingerprints, palm prints, faces, irises, and personally identifiable information.

CABIS is a multimodal, total system solution using industry standards design and maximizing use of COTS technology and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to maximize customer investment

  • Industry standard hardware platforms and operating systems
  • System availability, throughput, response times, and accuracy to meet customerNeeds

FRP Watch

High Performance Face Identification for Smarter Surveillance.

FRP Watch can easily identify multiple persons of interest in multiple crowded video streams in real-time
Use cases: Civil and Military Security, Enterprise Security, Enhanced Customer Service.

FRP Verify

A Faster, Easier and More Secure Access Control System

FRP Verify can detect a person’s face in real -time and verify against a Database of photos
Use cases: Physical and Logical Access Control, Time and Attendance, Passenger Journey/Boarding, Visitor Management

FRP Check

For Authenticating a Person: The Solid Way

FRP Check is a combination of technologies allowing for biometrically “authenticating” a person against their “ID Document”, with their face as the biometric identifier (proving document ownership)
Use cases: ID Verification, Document Ownership Proof, Self Enrollment

FRP Search & Search Expert Forensics Facilitated

FRP Search/Search Expert can find faces in a Database of photos/videos, while providing advanced image
Editing tolls to automatically and/or manually enhance images for forensic purposes beforehand
Use cases: public safety, security and law enforcement, Post-event analysis, Forensics Investigations,


Enabling Easy, Custom Application Development for your Face Recognition Solutions

FRP SDKs allow very easy application development for a variety of use-cases in need of facial recognition:             
FRP Check SDK for 1:1 matching and FRP Verify SDK for 1:N search/matching Use cases: Custom application development on virtually any kind of device such as Phones, Tablets, Handhelds, Cars, Smart Cameras, Embedded Systems, SoC’s, …

Smart Education (STEAM)

Leveraging modern technology to provide a model of learning adapted to digital natives through the use of interactive STEAM Labs & Equipment. We aim to provide interactive hardware kits in order to create the perfect learning environment for young learners, and to equip them with the right skills to facilitate digitalization in Pakistan.

Smart City

Transforming a city smarter is a sensitive work. There are various crucial and important city related information that should remain intact whilst transformation. No company can be more reliable than NLCSS to build a smarter city. Modern era has witnessed automation in every sphere of life – be it homes, offices, commute and transportations, entertainment, security and policing – combine all these together builds a “Smart City”. NLCSS has state-of-the-art specific technological solutions to transform legacy metropolis into Smart Cities, capable to provide cities with most modern digitised infrastructures. Everything and anything which is required to make a city Smarter is readily available with NLC Smart Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Smart Homes

NLC Smart Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. offers cutting edge technological solutions to transform your house into a smart home. Whether an access to the entrance doors, controlling lighting and electrical gadgets remotely, regulating and monitoring energy consumption, even economising your water tank flows – everything in the house can be brought under your control remotely through our “Smart Homes” solution. Security access, climate control, energy consumption, lighting and environment, routine home tasks all can be automated through NLCSS’s smart homes solution.

Smart Power Monitoring

Power is the main concern for every business; generators and batteries are pressing priorities and an essential source to run alternate power without any disruption. Their optimum performance and assurance of 24/7 availability has become so critical, making it necessary to equip them with an automated remote monitoring system. NLCSS provides cutting edge solution to its clients, and is the most reliable technology solutions provider for sensitive government and non-government organisations. Our generator monitoring solution has various sensors connected to generators and their monitors, enabled them to be accessed remotely over cloud or through mobile phones. NLCSS generator monitoring solutions also assist in optimising the fuel consumption and performance through regular automated health checks and timely notification of faults.